ESF European Team Division 1 & 2 Squash Championships will be held 26.-29.4.2023 in Helsinki. The show court of the event will be placed in Pasila on the Cultural Square of the Mall of Tripla, the biggest shopping mall in the Nordic Countries. The show court will feature all the most important matches, including most of the Finland matches in the pool stage and the finals. The other venue of the event is Talihalli in Pitäjänmäki.

Finland will play in the 1st division, top 9, in both men and women. The total number of teams will be 21 in men and 17 in women, making it around 200 players in total. All the best players in the continent are expected to attend in the event. The highest world rankings at the moment are held by the English players Sarah-Jane Perry (WR 8.) and Georgina Kennedy (WR 9.) on the women and England’s Mohamed ELShorbagy (WR 3.) and France’s Victor Crouin on the men’s event.

The goal for the Finland women’s team is finishing in top4 and the goal for the men’s team is top6. The tickets are available at

Welcome to Helsinki
Sea – and saunas – all around you

Helsinki is one of the few capital cities in the world where real nature can be experienced in the middle of the city. Helsinki breathes the sea with 130 km of shoreline and the city area includes around 300 islands, most reachable by bridges and ferries. Despite its energy, Helsinki hasn’t surrendered its tranquility, silence and clean air. Some cities drain your energy, but in Helsinki you can recharge more of it.  

Being the capital of Finland, it should be no surprise that Helsinki has some great public saunas – both traditional neighbourhood saunas and brand new design saunas. There’s no better way to get to the heart of the Finnish identity! Start experiencing Helsinki’s saunas at


Happiness is the local state of mind 

Year after year, Finland tops the world Happiness index. Possibly, this trend is because Finns enjoy simple pleasures – like clean air, pure water and walking around in the woods – to the fullest. Finnish happiness is the calm and peaceful type; it’s an appreciation for how things work and the ability to pause and admire the little things in life.  

Helsinki’s locals are extremely open and hospitable, and most speak English fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. We’d love to tell you about Helsinki’s greatest secrets! Meet’s local guides.



Mall of Tripla Show Court

26.4.2023 (Pool Stages) 

10:00 FRA – FIN (W)

11:30 FRA – ESP (M)
15:30 GER – FIN (W)
17:30 HUN – FIN (M)


27.4.2023 (Pool Stages)

10:00 ENG – FIN (W)

11:30 FRA – SCO (M)
15:30 SUI – FIN (W)
17:30 GER – FIN 


10:00 Semifinal (W)

11:30 Semifinal (M)
15:30 TBC (W)
17:30 TBC (M)


10:00 TBC (W)

12:00 Final (W)
14:00 Final (M)


Mall of Tripla

The home of urban culture, Mall of Tripla has been designed just for you. At Tripla, you can find more than 60 cafés and restaurants, domestic and international brands as well as a full range of entertainment and wellness services. It is an unmissable meeting place, where people come to seek new experiences, have fun and spend time. With its 250 shops, Mall of Tripla is the biggest shopping centre in the Nordic countries.


Talihalli is the center of Finnish squash. Many of the national team players train there and the only full glass court in Finland can be found there. There are five normal glass back court and one full glass court is Talihalli. In addition to that, there are 12 badminton courts, 1 outdoor padel court, sauna and a café.


Tournament Director:

Mika Monto, +358505839531

Chief Operating Officer:

Poku Salo, +358407765320

Tournament Referee:

Jyrki Wahlstedt, +358400347015


Tomi Niinimäki, +358400876880

Streaming + IT:

Antti Lind, +358445529008

Marketing & Communications:

Susanna Luikku, +358504144763


Lars Ekholm, +358401570553

Mall of Tripla operations:

Tatu Knuutila, +358500753999

Heikki Teräsvirta,, +358400752171


Pirjo Kasén, +358503504094

Talihalli operations:

Hannu Niemistö

Mall of Tripla Glass Court:

Olli Marjomaa


Timo Tulonen,

Food Operations:

Kenneth Granroth,


Karoliina Penttilä,


Marko Kämäräinen,, +358405337556


Lotta Vuorela,